Legislative Budget and Finance Committee
A Joint Committee of the Pennsylvania General Assembly

About the LBFC

Committee Background

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The Legislative Budget and Finance Committee (LBFC) is a bipartisan, bicameral legislative service agency consisting of 12 members of the General Assembly. As set forth in the LBFC's enabling legislation, Act 195 of 1959, as amended, 46 P.S. ยงยง 70.1 - 70.6, the Committee is to conduct studies and make recommendations aimed at eliminating unnecessary expenditures; promoting economy in the government of the Commonwealth; and assuring that state funds are being expended in accordance with legislative intent and law. To carry out these mandates, the LBFC is authorized to conduct a wide range of research activities pertaining to the operation and performance of state-funded programs and agencies.

The Committee appoints an Executive Director who is responsible for the direction of the Committee's staff and activities. A Project Manager, who reports directly to the Executive Director, generally manages projects. The Project Manager, in turn, leads teams of Analyst staff. The LBFC staff includes persons with degrees in business administration, business analytics, economics, environmental science, public administration, law, and supply chain management. The LBFC and its staff have conducted numerous projects covering a wide range of important public policy and state program areas, including among others aging, emergency preparedness, community and economic development, education, environmental protection, game and fisheries, health and welfare, law enforcement, liquor control, local government, rural affairs, transportation, and veteran's affairs.