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Latest News

Oct 7

Discussion of recent reports on Radio Smart Talk.

Philip Durgin, Executive Director, and Patricia Berger, Committee Senior Counsel, discuss recent reports on police consolidation and character education in public schools on Radio Smart Talk.

Sep 25

LBFC Committee Meeting Video

On September 24, 2014, the Legislative Budget & Finance Committee held a meeting to discuss and release reports on the examination of specialty tier prescription drugs in PA, consolidation of police in PA, and character education in PA public schools.

May 21

Senate Resolution 61 Survey

Senate Resolution 61 calls on the Legislative Budget and Committee to conduct a study of dental services for people with disabilities in Pennsylvania.

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Latest Reports

Sep 2014

Character Education in Pennsylvania Public Schools

A report in response to House Resolution 2013-108 that calls on the LB&FC to study the extent to which school districts have implemented character education programs and to make recommendations with respect to character education for the Commonwealth’s elementary and secondary students.

Sep 2014

Police Consolidation in Pennsylvania

A report in response to House Resolution 2013-168 that directs the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to conduct a study concerning the consolidation or merger of municipal police departments in this Commonwealth.

Sep 2014

Prescription Drug Specialty Tiers in Pennsylvania

A report in response to Senate Resolution 2013-70 and House Resolution 2013-348 that call for a study of prescription plan “specialty tiers” to determine their impact on access and patient care.

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